Elsewhere Artist Collaborative
“My Bedroom”- 606 S. Elm St., Greensboro NC
MAY 2007
    Elsewhere is a non-profit art space and museum set in a former thrift store. The space houses an immense 58 year collection of American objects amassed by Sylvia Gray from 1939-1997. Nothing is For Sale.
    Artists from Greensboro and a far are invited to utilize the space and resources to create innovative and experimental works through a variety of art, media and disciplines.
“Silly Bunny” Blog: www.sillybunny@vox.com
“The Happy Wanderer”
    Music Box
    The Happy Wanderers: are a group musicians who have all traveled through Greensboro, North Carolina sometime within the month of May 2007. They do not play together at the same time or place. Some members have never met each other. What you will hear is a digitally constructed collaborative performance un-benounced to the “band” itself. With all due respect to the individual performers/musicians; to each their own and together we are... The Happy Wanderers.
                  Vance  - Fiddle. Shows up to Elsewhere periodically to play in                    
                                  the back alley.
                                  Live Performance/Recording Date: Thursday, May 24 2007
                   z’ev      - Drum-skin. Artist featured at Mark Dixon’s studio.
                                  Live Performance/Recording Date: Monday, May 21 2007.
                   Ross Huff- Jazz Trumpet. “The Macpodz,” via
                                  Ann Arbor, Michigan.
                                  Live Recordings: trumpet 2 in Db
                                                              trumpet 3 in FAAC
                   Justin Kuhn- Harmonica. Artist in residence. May 2007.
                                 “The Happy Wanderer” - live studio recording.
                   Obernkirchen Children's Choir (Schaumburger Märchensänger)- youth choir in
                                  Schaumburg County, Northern Germany. Original song by
                                  Friedrich-Wilhelm Möller, written shortly after World War II. English    
                                  lyrics written by Antonia Ridge. Aired recording: BBC Radio,1953.                        
                                  Lyrics: http://www.brave.com/bo/lyrics/happywan.htm            
Live/Studio Equipment:
                                             Marantz PMD660 Solid State Recorder
 Canon PowerShot A530
                                                            Garage Band 3.0.4
                                                              iMovie HD 6.0.3
The Kitchen Project:
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