2005 Free Spirit FS500
custom painting available
Paint Jobs start out at $100 & vary according to detail of design work:
I use all Dupont Paint Products- ALL colors available upon request!
Note: color pricing varies due to pigment ratios
i.e.- blues  are often more expensive than reds

- willing to accept your design ideas/sketches for your bike
- call or email about shipping and handling details

For Pricing and Other Information Call:
Phone: 717-805-8426
Email: IPaintStuff@justinkuhn.com

My Friend Ryan’s Bike
 I completely restored my FS500 from head to toe, hand sanding washers, bolt heads, spokes, etc. I wanted to keep it entirely original with restoring the original brake assemblages, seat, hand grips, sprocket, and of course the GOLDENBOY BLUE tires. I hand sanded the frame and accessories. The paint is a two tone application. The first part being the main body color which is an atlantic blue hue cut 50/50 with clear coat. The second color is a Raspberry metallic that i used to add some detailing. Separating the two colors is a 1/8 inch band that shows the natural polished finish of the metal frame itself. She’s a dream to ride!
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